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Em [userpic]
at December 19th, 2005 (06:04 pm)

1) How old are you? Share your name if you'd like.
i'm emily (or m) and i'm 19... 20 tomorrow.

2) Are you a student or alumni from one of the schools in Winona? If yes, which one?
no, i go to uwl.
3) Are you from Winona, if not, where are you from?
no... i'm from la crescent/la crosse, but winona's super close and i've got a lot of friends up there.

4) Name some of your interests.
music, alcohol, friends, writing, punk rock, shows, travel, japan.

5) Name your favorite spot in Winona.
um, maybe kally's apartment, or garvin heights (not sure if that's how it's spelled)

6) What do you dislike about Winona?
the fact that it is a black hole which sucks the life out of people, it's incredibly depressing, and there's pretty much nothing to do. but i still like going there on occasion.

7) Name something we can use to improve this LJ community.
i have no idea. announcements of things going on in winowhere?

8) Name something we can do to improve Winona.