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Myth [userpic]
Wow, funny I didn't find this till now...
by Myth (myths)
at June 11th, 2006 (06:07 pm)

1) How old are you? Share your name if you'd like.
Rachael - 21
2) Are you a student or alumni from one of the schools in Winona? If yes, which one?
WSHS 2003, Went to WSU for a bit also.
3) Are you from Winona, if not, where are you from?
Born and raised.
4) Name some of your interests.
Well what is there to do in Winona besides hang out with friends, go to the movies, or go bowling? :P
5) Name your favorite spot in Winona.
I have many...on top sugarloaf is nice, the wagon bridge, the levee, acoustic, airport lake...
6) What do you dislike about Winona?
That there isn't much to do until you're 21. And it's a pretty sheltered community to grow up in.
7) Name something we can use to improve this LJ community.
I have no clue. :P
8) Name something we can do to improve Winona.
PUT A 4 WAY STOP IN FRONT OF THE HIGH SCHOOL! God, that still bugs me to this day...