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Winona, Minnesota

finding the way

Winona, MN
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Welcome to the Winona, Minnesota Livejournal Community.

You can post anything that has to do with Winona, Minnesota or the immediate surrounding area. (Events, Schools, or just get to know some people from town).


1. You have to either be from, living in, or familiar with Winona, MN to join.
2. Get along. Anyone who says anything rude/inappropriate will have their membership reconsidered.

When you Join, make an entry with the following:
1) How old are you? Share your name if you'd like.
2) Are you a student or alumni from one of the schools in Winona? If yes, which one?
3) Are you from Winona, if not, where are you from?
4) Name some of your interests.
5) Name your favorite spot in Winona.
6) What do you dislike about Winona?
7) Name something we can use to improve this LJ community.
8) Name something we can do to improve Winona.